Plan Bee

Build only cool shit.
With only cool tech.

This is how we win

Dear developer

Stuck in building enterprice systems?Or just started in tech and lack experience?

We hear all of you. And we have solution for you.Build cool new web apps.Have ownership.Get experience.

Say what now?

Best development program on the planet

Learning a new language like Clojure or new JS framework like Angular is of course nice way to self-develop. But does it really make you a better developer? A solver of real life problems?No.Building and shipping apps that people use do.

And what is the catch?

Consulting still pays the bills

And let us not forget, keeps critical parts of our society rolling. People need energy, healthcare, their money safe. All those things we enable with our clients.So there is main gig, and then self development driven by side projects. With bunch of talented, likeminded co-workers. Backed up and supported by Company.

So tell me about it then

Mix in creativity, talent and beautiful design, and sky is the limit.

Always bet on the web.
The one still free-for-all frontier. Where anybody can come up with next Wordle and sell it for seven figures. No app stores, no gate keepers.
There are already good number of project ideas to start with. Good rule of thumb should be, some kind of MVP should be able to be hacked together over the weekend. Give your time, energy and approved PRs => own piece of product. Plain and simple.

But there is more, right?

Absolutely there is

Simplest case, build a web app, get some traction if possible. And sell it.Or you get users, maybe subscriptions, need to learn marketing, customer support and such.Or build something cool for internal use. And brag about it mercilessly on social medias.AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GOING AFTER THE MOONSHOT!

Just a couple of examples OK?

Clouda Diffusion

Going to some photographer to get official portrait? Ain't nobody got time for that.Set up your own stable diffusion server trained to produce right kind on portrait? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Double the blog

Wrote nice blog post in Finnish? Why not multiply the audience and compose an English version too. Using openAI's GPT-3 model for help.

Jerry Tracker

Hell with todos. You got one thing you want to work on. Track it. Track that relentlessly.

Tax Droid

Travelling North America? Confusing prices with those pesky taxes, right? Ask the taxdroid.


Want to learn more? Because there is plenty...

GIve us a shout then.